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We will define your dream client, set financial goals, and take action to get visible and attract these clients to you so you can help them to heal and transform.

Create a Professional Oracle Deck

You will learn how to create and publish a professional oracle card deck, which gives you more credibility and sets you apart from your competitors.

Create a Professional Meditation Album

You will learn how to create and publish a meditation album that helps your clients to get results and gives you residual income while you sleep.

There's a Power in you, an inherent Wisdom accessible to us all... and when you tap It, you have access to everything you will ever need.  Everything.

Anxiety becomes Less.  Fear is Overcome.  Inner Peace Pervades.

Hi there.  I'm Jodiana.  I help intuitive and energetically aware women to create a meaningful business that changes lives, as a Certified Holistic Intuitive.

Understand and Manage Your Energy

I frequently get messages from people who are waking up to the fact that there's more to life that meets the eye.  Messages like, "I would never tell anyone this - not even my husband - because they'd think I was crazy but... <enter mystical experience or energetic awareness here>"

If you want to understand your energetic awareness better, you've come to the right place.  And no, you're not crazy.  It's a legit thing and it's recognized and honored in many cultures. 

Deepen Your Connection

The very foundation of intuition development and a spiritually empowered life is building a solid and strong relationship with Divine.  What ever your concept of Divine is.  Intuition; Higher Power; Higher Self; Angels; Universe; Jesus; Buddha; a tree; a dog; a rainbow; the sun - it doesn't really matter.  What's important is the bond you have with That which is Larger than Life; That which has many names.  

If you've had trauma around religion or you don't believe in a thing called 'God', that's okay.  You can still make the connection within to the Universe; Life; Source; Gaia, Mother Earth, Father Mother God, Higher Self; Inner Strengths; Inner Divinity; Inner Wisdom; Energy; All That Is; Divine Grace; Holy Spirit.  It really doesn't matter what you call it.  The important thing is that you're comfortable with a term that works for you and you have a solid relationship with It.  I personally have no alliance to any one religion and I use many terms in my content, so if you come across any of these terms and it's not a fit, simply replace it with the term that works for you.

Shift Your Perception

The concepts I teach are very simple, yet can take a lifetime to master.  Everything is about perception.  Everything.  What makes something good or bad?  Your perception.  That's it.  What's good for one may be bad to another.  Neither person is right or wrong.  They're just different.  That is all.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple perception shift to move through a transitional phase and more into alignment with the life you dream of (and deserve).

Awaken Your Gifts

We all come into this life with a Gift to give the world.  For Beethoven, it was the gift of playing piano very well.  Professional football players are gifted at that.  Energetically aware peeps are gifted, too.  I find in my work that often, the Energetically Aware have a belief that it's not okay to be the way they are, or that it's a 'curse'.  You're waking up to energy for a reason.  Your Presence impacts everyone around you.  Are you ready to accept your gifts and start living authentically?

Be The Change

It all starts with you.  Be the Change you wanna see.  Once you've got that down, then you naturally become a beacon for others.  In your own perception you may never quite be 'there'.  Makes sense.  There is no 'there' to be.  Life is a process.  You are what you are.  You are where you are.  A wise woman once told me, "if you've been studying something for only two weeks, you've got something to offer someone who just started".  You don't have to be perfect to be the Beacon.  You only have to Be.  If you're solid in your intuition (and even if you're not) and you're ready to go pro, send me your questions and let's get 'em on the agenda for discussion in my free content.

Manifest Your Most Authentic and Spiritually Empowered Life

What about the times when you try to manifest something and it just doesn't happen?  Does it mean you're not doing it right?  You're not 'high vibe' enough?  You're being 'punished'?  No.  The art of manifesting involves a balance between 'intending', 'doing, and 'being'.  Mindfully navigating the co-creation of your most authentic and spiritually empowered life is the path of awakening.  If you feel like you're off track, check out my offerings below.  And again, send me your questions and lets get it on the agenda for my free content!

Become a VIP Influencer

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Embrace the Sacred

Right now I'm on a one year journey through Africa, Asia, and some other countries.  I'm exploring sacred sites to take my most dedicated clients to for spiritual retreats.

I wanna take you to experience the same kind of magic you see in the video above.  If this interests you, or if you'd like to follow my journey, get on my VIP Influencer's List!  You'll also get spiritually empowering content every week.  Hot damn!

To learn more about the unfolding of my travels, go here.  Otherwise, check out my offerings below and get on the wait-list for any programs or services that resonate with your heart <3

Spiritual Development

Every option here is about mindfully coming more into alignment with your Truest You; your most Wisest Self, and drawing from your Strengths and the Divine Source of all life.  

Professional Development

Are you ready to go pro with your gifts?  I offer the most comprehensive Professional Intuitive Training on the web.  I also have a degree in computing and used to be a computer programmer, so if you're already a pro and struggling with tech overwhelm, you're covered. You can do this *fist bump*!


Questions?  Something you need that's not here?  Contact me and ask.  I'm here to inspire and empower your connection connection within so you can live your most magnificent life.

What Some of My Clients Say...

"I Feel Confident... Crystal Clear... Unstuck..."

Kayla Horrell  Entrepreneur
California, USA

I was terrified moving forward.  After talking with Jodi, I no longer feel afraid of the direction I'll take.  I feel confident.  Thank you, Jodi, I feel crystal clear moving forward.  You were able to get me UNSTUCK in such a crucial moment.

"She knows how to get you centered and help you to understand... from a spiritual perspective..."

Jodi has been with me through breakups, new businesses, family challenges and all the ups and downs in between. I know I can always count on her to be there - she is present, responsive and deeply cares about her client's well-being. She has been particularly helpful whenever I struggle with an overwhelm of painful emotions. She knows how to get you centered, and helps you understand why you might find yourself in that situation from a spiritual perspective. Then she helps you release what needs to be released with tailored meditations and action-steps for homework."

Mina Yekta     Entrepreneur California, USA

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